For Windows Users, There’s Been Found a Way to Speed up the Computer and Get Rid of 75% Of Errors, System Crashes and Freezes

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If you are a Windows user and suffer from an annoyingly slow computer, strange errors, freezes and crashes — this article may be your best find of 2024.

But first thing first.

Let's turn to statistics:

According to Microsoft, 75% of problems, freezes and crashes occur on computers with driver problems

19 out of 20 Americans forget to update drivers regularly

For the majority of them, the computer becomes 5-10% slower every 6 months.

Have you been in a situation like this?

It seems like you use the computer in exactly the same way, but it becomes slower. As if… On its own.

How old is your computer?

Have you noticed that a year after the purchase, it becomes 10-20% slower than at the very beginning? After 5 years, it becomes 40% slower. And then it is thrown into the trash as outdated, slow, buggy junk.

Have you ever wondered WHY this is happening?

And this is not a conspiracy of large companies, not planned obsolescence. The solution has always been very close, it's just that few people talk about it.

You just need to... update the drivers regularly.

In the next 5 minutes I will tell you what drivers are, how they affect the state of your computer and how you can fix all problems in a couple of clicks.

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The driver is an instruction for the operating system how to use a particular device with 100% efficiency.

When you buy a computer, the latest drivers are installed in it (at the time of purchase). But time goes by, and no one warns you that it would not hurt to update them.

Three concerns appear:

1. Drivers regularly become outdated

Therefore, according to statistics, every 6 months your computer slows down by 5-10%. Just because you didn't know that the drivers needed updating.

Manufacturers are constantly improving hardware and drivers so that you can use 100% of capabilities of what's in your laptop or system unit.If you don't update the drivers, you become out of date.

Imagine you have the opportunity to speed up your computer by 10, 20, 30%.

And you refuse it, simply because you didn't know about it.

2. Outdated drivers = vulnerability for hackers

Antiviruses do not guarantee 100% protection, and the most dangerous vulnerabilities are hidden in outdated drivers. If they are hacked, the hardware manufacturer urgently releases an update — a new driver.

Skip this update = remain vulnerable.

Vulnerabilities lead to the appearance of extortion viruses, crypto miners and other junk, which can also not only actively harm, but also simply remain unnoticed slowing down your computer.

There are viruses that don't show themselves in any way, except for slowing down the computer. They don't attack your computer directly, but use it as their defense during cyber crimes.

3. Drivers may be damaged or basically missing

What happens if the computer doesn't have instructions on how to manage… A graphics card for example? Of course, PC will figure it out, but it will use the hardware only at 10% of its potential.

And probably everyone has dealt with damaged drivers. Have you ever been in a situation like this — you connect a mouse, and it doesn't work? In 90% of cases, this is due to driver malfunctions.

If you haven't updated the drivers for 5 years, your computer may be 40% slower than normal

What can be done about it?

Option 1.

Regularly monitor and update drivers manually.

Some people do that. It's tedious, long and dangerous if you download drivers not from the original manufacturer sites.

What is the complication of manual search:

  • there are more than 35,000,000 drivers
  • more than 1,300 companies create their own drivers

Therefore, first you need to find the company that created your device. Then the necessary driver of the latest version. And then regularly visit the manufacturer's website and see if anything new has appeared.

For each of several hundred drivers.

Option 2.

Delegate this task to special driver update programs.

For example, one of these programs is Outbyte Driver Updater

What does Outbyte Driver Updater offer?

  • speed up your computer by updating the drivers
  • protect your computer from vulnerable or damaged drivers
  • optimize the interaction of all devices

Imagine that all the components of a computer start working as a single mechanism:

  • The stability of the Internet connection will improve
  • Wi-Fi speed and reliability will increase
  • Compatibility with all connected devices will become better
  • The processor will work faster
  • The number of FPS, sound and image quality will step up to the next level

Outbyte Driver Updater is a reliable and secure solution certified by the cyber security company AppEsteem and which has already been chosen by more than 4,900,000 users.

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Outbyte Driver Updater will check the status of your computer: it will find all outdated, damaged or missing drivers.

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Outbyte Driver Updater will update the outdated ones on its own, remove the damaged ones and install the missing drivers.

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It will independently and regularly monitor the appearance of new drivers without loading your computer.

And if you need help — Outbyte Driver Updater has a technical support department working 24/7.

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And most importantly.

All these features have already been built into your computer.

It remains only to give them instructions on how to work at 100% of the potential.

Check your computer and fix all driver problems in four clicks!

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